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Jekalyn Carr



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Jekalyn: The Evangelist

Jekalyn is a powerful preacher whose words bring about healing and wholeness to those she ministers to. Many lives have been changed because of her willingness to be a vessel continually used in the Kingdom of God. She delivers a message of hope and healing to the nations.


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Jekalyn: The Songstress

Jekalyn Carr became an award-winning gospel artist at the tender age of 16. Her talents and gifts to minister through song has not gone unnoticed by those in the gospel industry. Her newly released song “Something Big” is steadily rising the charts and has prepared those who hear it for the release of major blessings upon their life.


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Jekalyn: The Entrepreneur

There is a new girl in town! Jekalyn Carr burst onto the entrepreneurial scene with her “Something Big” brand. Fans all over can be seen wearing her apparel and caps. Something Big is set to become a major inspirational brand with new apparel and products on the way! You can purchase your Something Big gear by visiting the Official Jekalyn Carr Store.


What They’re Saying about Jekalyn…

Donnie McClurkin

Jekalyn Carr will travel the world with her gifts.

Tracy Bethea

Jekalyn Carr is destined to be great!

Sherilyn Bennett

Jekalyn will inspire many to walk into their callings.


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