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Evangelist, entrepreneur, and accomplished national gospel recording artist, Jekalyn Carr, 17, is experiencing success illuminative of the divine presence of God’s grace in her life. A classic example of the conspicuous special anointing operating in Carr’s life, is when she was just 15, she had a song, “Greater is Coming,” to appear in the top ten of Billboards’ gospel music chart. At that age, only a select few individuals have been able to reach the top ten on any of Billboards’ charts. “Greater is Coming,” Miss Carr’s lead single from her album, Greater is Coming (2013), has and continues to resonate and minister in powerful and inspiring ways to millions of diverse individuals nationally and internationally. Ebony Magazine identified “Greater is Coming” as one of the most downloaded songs. On August 12, 2014, Carr will release her second national album, It’s Gonna Happen, putting her in rarified air: being one of few gospel artists in history to have two national albums on the market before the age of 18. Jekalyn's support system has always been her family and being brought up in the ways of Christ. Her dad has been a great guidance in her ministry and career.

In “Jekalyn Carr: What’s Right About Gospel Music,” an article published by Soul Train, it asserted that “Greater is Coming” offers “hope of a better day to countless individuals across the world,” and it “challenges people to muster the courage to have faith in life’s possibilities and not be dominated by extant realities and pessimism.” The song metaphorically connects the process of extracting oil from an olive, which requires shaking, beating and pressing, to the common life struggles we have to exercise our faith to overcome. The artist decrees and declares to her listeners that their current problems will not prevent them from walking into their destiny and receiving the “greater” God has for them. As a testament of the song and album’s indelible impact on the gospel music industry, Miss Carr earned the 2013 - 2014 Stellar Award for Children’s Project of the Year. The song and album facilitated her in garnering 2013 – 2014 Stellar Award nominations for New Artist of the Year and Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year—being nominated alongside gospel music legends Shirley Ceasar, Twinkie Clark and Tamela Mann.

Jekalyn was featured in a documentary, Rejoice and Shout (2010), produced by Magnolia Pictures, where she opened the documentary singing “Amazing Grace.” The documentary also spotlighted Smokey Robinson, Andrae Crouch, Kirk Franklin, and many other prominent artists. Although she’s young, Carr is no stranger to being in the company of music greats. By the age of 9, she had already performed on various platforms with Shirley Ceasar, Marvin Sapp, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Myron Butler, Micah Stampley, and other reputable gospel artists.

This embryonic artist’s burgeoning national acclaim is evinced by the distinct honor of being listed by Jet Magazine as “One of the Top Ten Faces You Need to Know.” In the Jet Magazine piece, Jekalyn’s zealous evangelistic and artistic work and prowess were lauded for galvanizing many people across the nation to fearlessly pursue their personal and professional aspirations and lives of excellence and purpose. The indubitable potency of the call of God on her life escalated to new heights when she was invited to and appeared on world renowned preacher and televangelist Benny Hinn’s This Is Your Day television program. During her appearance, Pastor Hinn extolled the virtues of her evangelism and artistic gifts. He spoke into her life that she was “God’s chosen to help, lead and inspire many.” Similarly, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, gospel music legend and a judge on Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) Sunday Best, prophesied that she would travel around the world ministering. She has performed and ministered on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), The Word Network and BET’s The Bobby Jones Gospel Show, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of lost souls.

In an Examiner interview, she disclosed that God called her to evangelize at the early age of 5. Since then, Evangelist Carr has journeyed across the country preaching the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and singing with a mellifluous voice of triumph. A number of the U.S. cities in which she has ministered and performed in have honored her by giving her official proclamations and keys to the cities, including Nashville, Tennessee, Miami-Dade, Florida and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Building on the success and central messages of the hit single, “Greater is Coming,” Jekalyn’s new album, It’s Gonna Happen (2014), with its lead single, “It’s Gonna Happen,” declares that your dreams are coming to reality. The lead track states, “You have to see it before it happens; you have to believe it before it happens; you have to receive it before it happens.” The artist, therefore, informs us that we have to employ our Faith in what Grace has already made available to reap the “greater” God has prepared us to possess. We all have believed God for something—most of us have believed Him for many things—”It’s Gonna Happen” testifies to you and your spirit that God’s going to bring all of the desires of your heart to fruition. The song confirms that God’s going to engender supernatural increase and prosperity in every area of your life. Carr delivers the song in such a compelling manner that when your spirit makes contact with her empowering lyrics, you begin to claim everything God promised you will come to pass—if you only continue to steadfastly believe “It’s Gonna Happen.”

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